Pan American Intercollegiate Chess Championships Results



The 2017 Pan-Ams took place from December 27th-30th at Columbus, Ohio. Thanks to an increase in dedicated team members, Sun Devil Chess was able to send two teams to Ohio. Final standings can be found here.

A-Team *Division II National Champions*

Player Rating Year
Jiarong "Ricky" Teng 2240 Freshman
Samarth Chakrasali 2200 Sophomore
Alec Andersen 2180 Sophomore
Jarod Coulter 1991 Junior
  2153 (avg.)  

Thanks to Ricky arriving from China and having three players near the 2200 mark, ASU's top team saw a decent improvement in average rating from 2016 to 2017. In addition to an increase in rating, the team also saw a massive improvement in results. Just like the previous year, the team took care of business against the teams it was supposed to. Unlike last year, however, the team pulled off an upset victory. The A-team's final round 2.5-1.5 revenge victory over Webster's C-team (avg. 2296) elevated the team to an impressive 4/6 score. With that strong performance, the team finished 13th place and claimed the Division II (U2200) Championship. The team was the highest finishing team without a FIDE titled player.


Player Rating Year
Alek Pensky 2018 Freshman
Hunter Waslaski 1961 Freshman
Jordan Kahl 1875 Sophomore
Mohammad Khezrian 1760 Freshman
  1904 (avg.)  

The B-team was a very young team, with Jordan Kahl being the only non-freshman, but youth did not prevent the team from posting a very solid performance. Led by freshman Mohammad Khezrian, who scored an ASU-high 4/6 points and scored an impressive individual upset against an expert player, the B-team scored 2.5/6 points and just narrowly missed out on another division championship for ASU.



The 2016 Pan-Ams took place from December 27th-30th at Kenner, Louisiana. Click here for the overall standings.

Player Rating Year
Samarth Chakrasali 2190 Freshman
Alec Andersen 2131 Freshman
Jarod Coulter 2072 Sophomore
Christopher Dilli 2080 Sophomore
Jordan Kahl (alternate) 1852 Freshman
  2118 (avg.)  

Playing against the top chess programs in the country, sophomores Jarod Coulter and Christopher Dilli along with freshmen Samarth Chakrasali, Alec Andersen, and Jordan Kahl scored a respectable 3 out of 6 possible points. In the fourth round, the Sun Devil Chess Team nearly achieved a draw against Webster University C-team (avg. 2451), which finished 5th place overall.

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