Nepalese Students’ Association (NSA) at Arizona State University was established in 2005 to build a strong network of students, faculty and staff at ASU, and ASU alumni interested in Nepal. The objectives of NSA are to maintain a cohesive relationship among ourselves, to cultivate an intellectual and social environment, and to create awareness for a better understanding of Nepalese culture and heritage. We organize and participate in various events and programs to achieve these objectives. NSA provides information and assistance to the students who are interested in coming to ASU, assists newly arriving Nepalese students to ASU to adjust to the new environment, and provides a forum for ASU students to interact with ASU alumni and communities.

Nepal is blessed with an incredible diversity of natural beauty and a consequent opulence of cultural varieties. NSA members are proud to share their culture with others and are always curious to learn about different cultures and diversities from other countries.

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