Welcome to the hometown of Emarati Students Union 


What does ESU stand for? 

Emirati Students Union is a social organization working on bridging with organizations from various other countries at ASU. The union was composed of a number of students from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) representing its culture, customs, traditions, and social values at all four campuses and their surrounding areas. The union is committed to helping and support the UAE Students in academic and non-academic aspects. We strive to provide a welcoming home environment for all members.


Our Mission: 

First and foremost to express feelings of unity and harmony among Emarati and non-Emarati students for better and efficient future collaboration. Also, to maintain the structure of students cultural and traditional interpersonal values among one another. Along with keeping a helpful and an altruistic act toward oneself and others who are in need to make life better and easier for all. 


Our Vision: 

Demonstrate support and continuing act of helpfulness for those in need of future support. To stay in touch with the roots of the United Arab Emirates, as well as to express the value building qualities among the Emaratis and non-Emaratis. 


Our Goals: 

  1. To stay in touch with peers and culture. 
  2. To encourage individuals to ask for assistance when needed.
  3. To support students emotionally, spiritually, and physically when needed. 
  4. To boost people's self-efficacy with communication and collaborative hard work. 
  5. To express and build up ideas and goals that will help elevate the country's values and quality outside the country. 
  6. To engage in activities that help to have better-acquiring knowledge, and learning skills For academic and non-academic purposes. 
  7. To show sympathy and empathy for those who needs care; and guidance outside of the country.

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Contact OrgSync:

Shoot us an email : support@orgsync.com
Or give us a call : 972.907.0900

We'd love to hear any comments or suggestions you have. Let us know what kind of job we are doing!

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