The International Law Students Association (ILSA)  is the premier group for students who have an interest in international law, both public and private. Our members have access to unique resources such as mentoring, networking, presentations and events organized in conjunction with the Center for Law and Global Affairs.  ILSA provides a forum to meet other law students interested in international law and policy.  It's our goal to form part of an extended family for advice on surviving 1L year, selecting classes for 2L-3L years, and thinking outside the box and beyond the bar. 

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If you have any questions, feel free to email us at ilsa.asulaw@gmail.com.  We're serious about that.

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Future International Courses


What courses would you like to be offered at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law in the future?  (you may choose several)

Total Votes: 2 
Transnational Law

1 (50%)

International Criminal Law

0 (0%)

European Union Law

1 (50%)

International Transactional Law

0 (0%)

International Patent Law

0 (0%)

International Family Law

0 (0%)

International Investment Law

0 (0%)

International Dispute Resolution

0 (0%)

Global Constitutionalism

0 (0%)


0 (0%)

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