Local Membership

Local membership has an annual fee of $1. Local members can participate in all activities organized by the ASU Chapter, but do not have the benefits of national membership. To become a local member, please fill out the following form.

National Membership

National membership has an annual fee of $32.5. A national member is automatically a local member, and therefore can participate in all activities and events organized by the ASU chapter. Additionally, the national member receives a free copy of the OR/MS magazine and has access to the JOB placement services of INFORMS. The national member also receives a FREE subscription of one of the top INFORMS journals and receives student discounts on all the INFORMS events including international conferences. Tremendous valuable information, including job place information, is shared among INFORMS members. And it looks COOL on your resume! To become a national member, go to http://join.informs.org/ to fill out an online form. Either an advisor's letter (we can help on this) or a photocopy of student ID needs to be mailed/faxed to verify your student status. You can also fill out the this form and we can send it for you. Membership can be renewed online at https://renew.informs.org/

Let us know if you have any questions!