USGP Opportunities

The opportunities for involvement with USGP are limitless, we are constantly creating new positions, positions sometimes suddenly become available, and recommendations for new positions are always welcomed. We do, however, encourage all new members to start as an Intern so they know about the organization that they are joining before they fully commit. Please see the section below about becoming an intern with USG. You are also always welcome to email Joshua Albin, our Chief of Staff, about joining USG or about new ideas at and please make sure to put in the subject line of the email USGP Opportunities.

Become a USGP Intern

USGP now has a new program starting up this semester.  This new program will give students the opportunity to become an intern. The internship, you will get to learn about all of the positions in USG and the impact you can make as a Senator. You will also have the opportunity to work on a project with one of our three committees that will be implemented. Please apply using the Intern Application Form 

About SFAB:

All funding proposals should be sent to the USGP Secretary, Kaytlyn St Yves

SFAB stands for Student Fee Allocation Board and is a neutral board that allocates student fee funds to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). The organizations must be primarily made up of undergraduates, have at least three active members, and be registered with the Student Union to be eligible for funding. SFAB is composed of nine individuals. These include: the Chair, Secretary, Chief of Staff, Treasurer, and five Voting Members. Please apply to be a voting member using the SFAB Application Form