About USGP

The Undergraduate Student Government of Arizona State University Polytechnic (USGP) is the student government of the ASU Polytechnic Campus.

  • As Student Government we represent the students, we are the students voice, and we need your help in being that voice.
  • We need motivated, responsible, and enthusiastic people to help us serve the students of the Polytechnic Campus and all of ASU.
  • There is no set limit to the amount of involvement that you can contribute to USGP; if you have a desire to participate, we will put your desire to good use.
  • No one will be turned away.

This year’s goals USGP in better serving the students of Arizona State University are: Student Involvement

  • Maximize student involvement; encourage, strengthen, and facilitate student involvement.
  • We want students to take ownership of their interests, passions, campus, and university.
  • We want students to take advantage of all the opportunities offered and to broaden their experiences through involvement.


  • Maximize cooperation between all the clubs, organizations, departments, faculty, administrators, staff, and students on the campus.
  • We want everyone on the Polytechnic Campus to Unify, to work together, to help each other towards creating a successful University.
  • We want this to be accomplished by an active outreach of inclusiveness and the pooling resources towards achieving a goal.

Ethical Stewarts of University Resources

  • Upholding and fulfilling the responsibilities as co-owners of the ASU community and its resources.