SFAB - Student Fee Allocation Board

Meetings Dates Spring 2015:

January 23
January 30
February 6
February 13
February 20
February 27

March 20

The Student Fee Allocation Board is a section of the Associated Students of ASU Polytechnic (Polytechnic Student Government) that is responsible for allocating funding to student clubs and organizations. We have six open positions to sit on the board.

Location/Time: Wellness Suite 7:00 am - 9:00 am



Frequently Asked Questions

When are the meetings?

Meetings are the first seven Fridays of the semester.  The dates are as follows: 

January 23
January 30
February 6
February 13
February 20
February 27

March 20


Where are the meetings?

The meetings for this semester are located in the Wellness Suite.

How do I utilize the funds that have been allocated to my club?

There are three main methods that clubs can use to pay for things.

  1. Reimbursement, clubs can pay for the allocated amount themselves and can from there be reimbursed.
  2. 2. P-card, clubs can contact Lauren Dunning to use the P-card for allocated funds.
  3. 3. Invoice, clubs can get an invoice from the vendor to be handled by ASU for payment.

How much can I spend on shirts?

Shirts are limited to at most $12.00 per shirt. 

What do I do when I present to SFAB?

When you present, it is important that you communicate what the funds will be used for and how the allocation of funds will benefit your club and ASU.

Should I get dressed up to present?

It is recommended that you wear business casual attire as to prepare you for the business world,.

Do I need a PowerPoint for my presentation?

A PowerPoint is not necessary for your presentation.  However, if you believe you need one to communicate your points better then feel free to prepare one and let us know, just be sure that your PowerPoint does not cause you to go over your time limit.

When do I need to submit proposals by?

The proposal excel sheet is due to the Secretary 48 hours in advance of the meeting.  For this semester, that means it is due by Wednesday, no later.

Do you have to be a registered club to receive funding?


Can I use the funding for something other than what was allocated to me?

No.  If you find that your club did not spend all of its funds on the specified approved item, then you may submit a new proposal asking for the new requested item.

Should I include shipping and taxes in my proposed amounts for items and food?


Do I need an exact quote?  

If possible, yes please get an exact quote for all of your items and send it in with your excel proposal spreadsheet.


SFAB Board Members


Kali Richmond





Rachael Bonow




Andres Vallejo



Chief of Staff

Wyatt Western




Sarah Bonow





Edward Hamre





Emily Montoya




Ryan O'Hara




Erick Pearson