SFAB - Student Fee Allocation Board


About SFAB:


SFAB stands for Student Fee Allocation Board and is a neutral board that allocates student fee funds to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). The organizations must be primarily made up of undergraduates, have at least three active members, and be registered with the Student Union to be eligible for funding. SFAB is composed of nine individuals. These include: the Chair, Secretary, Chief of Staff, Treasurer, and five Voting Members. 

SFAB is an arm of Undergraduate Student Government, Polytechnic (USGP). All members of SFAB are appointed by USGP and our budget is determined by USGP. In addition, SFAB’s Chief of Staff and Treasurer are the same individuals as USGP’s Chief of Staff and Treasurer. However, USGP is generally not involved in hearing or voting on proposals.

SFAB's Mission Statement:

SFAB is an undergraduate student governing board that allocates funding for registered organizations on the Polytechnic campus to enhance the student experience. We encourage an inclusive environment and opportunity for students to grow personally, professionally, academically, and as a community 



SFAB will be meeting next Friday, November 13 to fund clubs for the first two weeks of the Spring Semester, January 11-22. Purchases made outside of the first two weeks if the Spring Semester will not be considered at this meeting. If your organization would like to request funding at this meeting, your proposal needs to be submitted to the SFAB secretary, Kate Miele, by next Wednesday, November, 11. This meeting will follow all normal SFAB procedures and practices. SFAB meetings will resume in January to consider funding requests for the rest of the Spring Semester. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Chair, Leslie Araujo. 


Spring 2016 Meetings:

January 29th

February 5th

February 12th

February 19th

February 26th

March 18th

March 25th

April 1st (This meeting will be held in the USG Conference room in the Union)

April 8th

April 15th

Location/Time: Wellness Suite 6:50am - 8:50am










Approved ASU Food Vendors:

Approved ASU Vendors:

SFAB Board Members



Leslie Araujo




Kate Miele




Emily Montoya



Chief of Staff

Ryan O'Hara




Eloy Cruz




Juan Fonseca




Joshua Albin




Misaki Fuentes-Maruyama